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The Fund

The Ship-source Oil Pollution Fund (SOPF or the Fund), a special purpose account in the accounts of Canada, is established under Part 7 of the Marine Liability Act to facilitate the indemnification of claims for ship-source pollution in Canadian waters while protecting the taxpayer. Canada’s compensation regime is based on the fundamental principle that the shipowner is primarily liable for oil pollution damage caused by the ship — that is, the polluter pays principle.

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Our Mandate

For 32 years, the Fund has been mandated to compensate victims of oil pollution damage (including costs incurred for preventive measures) caused by ships and then take action to recover the costs from the polluters or other responsible parties. Simply put, we receive and assess claims for any type of damage caused by any type of oil spilled by any class of ship or boat in Canadian waters

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How Difficult is it to Submit a Claim?

Our Claims manuals are easy to use and will help you through the process. Most claimants are able to submit their claims without the need for professional help. However, with large or complex claims, it may be helpful to obtain the advice or assistance of a lawyer or other professional. If this assistance is reasonably necessary, it may be compensated.

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